A Nassau, Bahamas Native, Selah Halie Simone Poitier began producing and playing music professionally in her childhood as a church pianist and was awarded an apprentice scholarship to take lessons for bass and perform in The Bahamas National Symphony orchestra at age 15. She was later both self-taught and trained on other instruments, including clarinet, piano, and bass. Her proficiency earned her acceptance into The Government High School’s Magnet Performing Arts programme, a scholarship to The University of The Bahamas to study music education, and to Berklee College of Music, where she graduated with a B.M. in Jazz performance. Selah also studied Music Business at Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA.  

At 15 years old, she sang, wrote, and produced her first song on the radio “What’s going down”, and placed 3rd in The Bahamas’ Junkanoo in the June songwriting competition after also performing live for the first time. She won The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism’s songwriting competition along with her family in 2017.

Selah Moonie (Formerly known as Selah Poitier) is now a genre-bending artist, songwriter, producer, arranger, bandleader, composer, and double and electric bassist. She has played at several world-renowned venues throughout the U.S. as an orchestra member, artist, and bassist. Selah has received praise from Grammy Award-Winning Artists such as India Arie, Dianne Reeves, Terri Lyne Carrington, Brian Vibberts, and more for her performance, and songwriting skills. Most notably, she has been invited to headline at Martha's Vineyard, perform at numerous global jazz and music festivals, was an opening act for Hollywood Rock & Roll Hall of Famers George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic, and, has been featured in several international music/art magazines for her unique artistry and inspiring story.


After the sudden passing of her beloved mentor and co-founder of The Bahamas Symphony Orchestra, Bahamian bassist Denis Donaldson, and with Bahamian musicians finding it increasingly harder to play quality live music and survive in a society that had very little focus on the development and investment in the arts at the time, Selah set eyes on her dream school Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. The 1st time around, she didn’t have enough money to travel in time for her audition date. The 2nd time around, she raised enough money to buy a ticket for herself and her double bass but was denied entry on her flight by the pilot and learned later that she needed a first-class ticket to travel with her bass. The 3rd time around, she saved up enough money to travel to Boston and rent an upright bass. She finally auditioned and was accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a scholarship that was further supplemented by a local businessman, Mr. Dioniso D’Aguilar who heavily believed in her dreams and multitudes of talents since meeting her as a teen mom doing whatever it took to survive and thrive as a female teenage musician including selling jingles and TV ads to one of his companies.

Selah accelerated her 4-year degree program at Berklee by doubling up on her classes (8 semesters) taking no summer breaks, causing her to graduate in only two years while still traveling between studying to be with her son.

Selah studied under Lincoln Goines and John Lockwood who encouraged her to seriously pursue music believing that she had the "X-Factor" and could potentially become one of the world's greatest bass players if she remained focused. Berklee Professor Bill Banfield implored her to explore her underlying passion for Bahamian history, cultural heritage, and ethnomusicology drawing comparisons to a young Zora Neale Hurston. She credits Chuks Okpu, a dear friend, fellow Berklee Alumnus, music collaborator, and co-producer as one of the defining factors in her finding and embracing her unique sound as an artist.

Selah planned to remain in the U.S. to continue pursuing her dream of being an artist but had to return home due to visa issues. Even though she could not participate in certain American TV shows due to that, Selah still feels incredibly honored that she was personally reached out to by producers from The Four, American Idol, The Voice, Songland, and Boston Broadway Musicals, citing her unique talent and inspiring story. 

After matriculating from Berklee College of Music and having returned home to her native roots, she continued traveling and performing globally self-funding her own career.

JAN. 2020 - FEB. 2023

In 2020, she briefly relocated to LA to study music business, intern at a major record label, and move her son to the U.S. to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional and touring musician, but due to the unprecedented global pandemic, LA shutdown and sudden border closure in her home country, she found herself homeless having to move from place to place until she could return home to her family.

Not new to challenges that can arise when pursuing a dream, a resilient Selah rose again. She regrouped and founded her band in 2022, where she is currently the bandleader, bassist, and lead vocalist of The Village. In 2023, she founded Poitier Entertainment to manage her band and son. In 2024, she trademarked and signed herself to “Halie Moon Records,” her first Record Label in the U.S. to sell merchandise worldwide and release music independently.

Selah continues to rise. She was hired as a music teacher at a top private school in The Bahamas, a music director at a church organization, and plans to reemerge as a healing-sound artist from the "underground" scene this summer, signed to her label.


Selah volunteers with The Bahamas National Youth Orchestra.

Always motivated to fight for fairness, equality, and equity for all musicians in her hometown, Selah aims to acquire a much bigger international platform this year to help build her country’s music ecosystem.

Very much vocal about her struggles with depression and anxiety, Selah is also a strong advocate for affordable and accessible quality mental health care in The Bahamas.


Selah’s father is a Pastor, singer, folk, blues, and gospel guitarist and former Urban Renewal Developer from Andros, Bahamas. Her Androsian mother is a singer, former choir director, civil servant, and political aspirant. 

Selah’s biggest musical influences are Nina Simone, EXUMA (The Obeah Man), Bob Marley, Dianne Reeves, and Prince. She also cites Michael Jackson, Queen Latifah and bassists Marcus Miller and John Patittuci as inspirations. Rihanna heavily inspires her as a Caribbean native who carried her roots with her as she rose to fame and stardom and used her influence and resources to shine a bright light on her community and invest in her native country.

Selah’s favorite artists whom she hopes to work with someday are PJ Morton, Stevie Wonder, Jon Batiste, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyoncé.

Her son is her biggest supporter and inspiration!




Paul Ross is a British National of Jamaican descent; an Insurance Executive Professional with over 30 years of expertise, working in the United Kingdom and The Bahamas. 

Having graduated with Distinction with a Degree in Business Administration, as well as becoming an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, he started his career as a Junior Underwriter, progressing to Senior Commercial Underwriter with two leading UK Insurers for 18 years.

After emigrating to the Bahamas, he was employed as Technical Manager for a leading Insurer whilst later appointed Agency Manager for its sister Brokerage Company, whose gross Insurance premium incomes exceeding $25M during his 3 year tenure. 

He was also appointed the first Secretary for a leading UK Housing Association, Nehemiah Housing Association, an organization that provides first-class housing for Elderly and disenfranchised persons. 

One of his favorite passions being Music, Paul has been a stellar Musician for over 40 years, an accomplished Guitarist and Keyboard player. He has performed leading British and US Gospel Artists, currently managing one of the Bahamas top Music Bands, J-Groove. He also currently serves as Music Minister at his local Church. 

He describes himself as a driven, people oriented individual, with a goal and mission to mentor and empower persons to be successful on a personal and professional level. 

A proud Father of one daughter, Paul’s other hobbies include Reading, Fashion, meeting new people, Travel and Football, he being fervent supporter of his hometown football club, Wolverhampton Wanderers! 

SammI STarr



Born in The Bahamas, Sammi Starr is one of the hottest Recording Artists and Producers in the Caribbean. His style has been described as a unique blend of Marvin Gaye, Usher, Kanye West and John Legend with an Island twist.

Sammi’s passion for music began at a young age. He was just 6 years old when he picked up his first instrument and began to sing in the church choir. Sammi inherited his talent from his parents, the Rev. Oswald Poitier, a legend in his own time who founded the group Gospel Music Train, and his mother, Sebrena Poitier, a talented singer. As a teenager, he became one of the most sought after record producers in the Bahamas, producing hits for many local artists. Sammi has since become a renowned recording artist releasing top hits like “Good To Know You,” “I’ll Never Leave,” and the mega smash “Pick Me,” “Please Stay” which landed him on the charts in countries like Jamaica, Trinidad, and Turks & Caicos.

Sammi Starr was one of the closing acts along with Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Diddy at "Miami's Best of the Best" the first Bahamian to perform at this concert event. He went on to represent The Bahamas at that event for more than 4 years. Sammi’s success at radio includes #1 radio hits on local stations such as More 94.9fm, 100jamz, and ZNS 104.5fm. He has also won major talent shows including Charlotte, North Carolina’s “You Got Vocals”, the “Junkanoo Song Competition” in the Bahamas, The Ministry of Education’s CCEM Song Competition in 2014 and the inaugural Music Masters Competition at the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival in 2015. He was also a runner up in the 2016 competition as well as winner of the Ministry of Tourism’s Bahamian Ting’ Song Competition in 2017.

As a result of his winning the Music Masters completion, Sammi recently landed a recording contract with Sony Music Latin as well as covers for “Elife 242 Magazine,” “Stylezine Magazine,” and “Brutha Magazine.” He was also selected as the winner of the Bahamian Icon Award for Music Entertainment and winner of the Elevation Award for Contemporary Song of the Year.

Sammi currently heads the hot production company “Starrboy Inc. Productions and Look At Daddy Music”.

Sammi’s other passion beyond music is mentoring students. He frequently volunteers in local high schools and advocates for music and entertainment education and culture development in the Bahamas, helping many young students to develop their musical skills and achieve their goals in music and entertainment.


kEvIn DEan



Kevin Dean is a professional touring musician, drummer, seasoned educator, and renowned Bahamian Audio Specialist and Mixing/Mastering Engineer. 

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Our very own Cyril Thompson not only got accepted into Berklee College of Music but also got awarded a scholarship to attend!

Cyril Thompson, also known as “Cyrano Keys,” studied piano with Dr. Paul Jones and Min Rager of McGill University in Canada and has taken lessons with Renowned Bahamian Organist Preston Ferguson. Inspired by the works of Oscar Peterson, Cyril has received the highest ABRSM score in the country for practical piano. He has built up a loyal following of people worldwide studying his viral online jazz transcriptions. Cyril is a sought-after jazz pianist, organist, and keyboardist extraordinaire with an extensive background in classical, gospel, pop, experimental music, and more.

A former Music performance major, Cyril has dreams of becoming a Film Composer and Recording Artist and is well on his way to becoming a household name in the world of music!

Cyril has worked with Berklee Alumna Selah Moonie, Master Bahamian percussionist Zaavan “Bird” Colebrooke, and 13-year-old Drum prodigy Kaleb Poitier. He has contributed to the fingerprint sound of The Village Band and is a PROUD solo artist represented by Poitier Entertainment Management.




Zaavan Colebrooke, also known as “BIRD,” and our generation’s “Peanuts Taylor” is a professional drummer and master percussionist. Zaavan studied at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and became the FIRST person in Bahamian history to graduate from The University of The Bahamas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music as a Percussion Major.

He has studied under the late master drummer Howard Bethel Sr. and world-renowned Bahamian percussionist, drummer, and recording engineer legend Neil Symonette. Bird has a distinct sound forged out of his diverse background in Junkanoo, classical, jazz, gospel, Cuban, African, and Bahamian rhythms, and other popular styles of music.

Though only in his 20’s, Bird is already a respected music instructor and seasoned performer, having performed in Shakespeare in Paradise with the Nassau Music Society, Rhythm “N” Youth, the Jazz cats, and more. His goal is to be a Concert percussionist! 

Bird is also a proud percussion mentor and volunteer in The Bahamas All-Stars and Rhythm "N" Youth Bands.




Born into a musical family, Kaleb began drumming at age 2. His biggest musical highlights were passing a Berklee ear-training test at age 6, having his drum videos shared by world-famous percussionist/singer Sheila E. at age 11, and winning The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Song Competition along with his family in 2017. 

Kaleb has taken drum lessons with Master percussionist Mr. Neil Symonette and Berklee Alumnus Mr. Aaron Seymour and mentored by his mom and Berklee Graduate, Selah Poitier. As a child, she told him if he wanted to do this thing, he had to do it with excellence. So she helped him transcribe, read and produce music, took him on her gigs at churches and local restaurants, took him to some of her classes at Berklee when he was six years old, and when she felt he was finally ready, he officially joined the Village Band at the tender age of 13.

Kaleb’s goal is to be the best he can be in all genres of music, and he dreams of becoming a professional drummer & touring musician.

He recently reached the FINALS in the Nassau Music Society’s High school drum-off competition and represented The Bahamas in Poland’s International Drum competition, competing against drummers of all ages! 

At age 13, he is now a gigging musician, producer, soccer player, and gamer, a member of the Boys Brigade, his school’s soccer team, and enjoys basketball and technology.

This Summer of 2023, Kaleb was awarded a FULL tuition scholarship from Windsor Albany School and the Music Academy! He continues to make his mom, grandparents, entire family, band, and Poitier Entertainment VERY proud!



Producer, bassist & arranger

Chuks Okpu is a Presidential Scholarship Awarded Berklee Alum and Award-Winning Nigerian Producer based in LA who has worked with Burna Boy, Kenyan superstar Karun, the legendary Steve Bailey, and more!

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Dwele Trejah coore



Dwele, a Berklee Alum and member of "Nurdy Tunes”, has arranged and programmed sets for Doja Cat, Teyana Taylor, Khalid & Normani (Billboard Awards) and was hired as a keyboardist backing artists such as Joe Thomas, Ledisi, and many more.

Full BIO coming soon!


Our Lighting Consultant is an experienced lighting guru who has worked with the biggest names in the industry independently and also with resorts and companies such as Baha Mar, Altantis, and Movi Group. He specializes in consultation, installation, stage lighting design, and more!